Go Global. Bank Local.

We are a digital cross-border banking service designed for businesses to transact overseas using next-level multicurrency financial management.

Making global banking convenient, fast, and cost-effective.

The future of global business banking is embedded and borderless. Through integrations with key software systems, use Yorbis to manage finances and payments efficiently and effectively with overseas operations.
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Sun Migliacci

Sun, a financial services and banking industry leader with 20 years of client and corporate expertise, identified the opportunity to improve cross-border banking for consumers and businesses through her personal experiences as an expat. She and her team of experts at Yorbis are committed to not only improving the current global banking experience but also impacting change of mindset and practice.

Anant Kulkarni

Anant is a financial services, hospitality and banking industry professional with a career spanning over 20 years. He is an avid traveler recognizing the opportunity to improve on banking when traveling overseas. With his engineering background and product focus, he aims to improve on the current cross-border experience for businesses, while balancing ambition to effect change in the industry.

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The payment services in the US is powered by NIUM Inc. and the program is sponsored by CFSB to which NIUM is a service provider. Yorbis is not licensed, nor exempt to provide any payment services in the US.
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